Full-Stack Software Engineer

Preferable Location(s): Turin, Italy
Work Type: Full Time

🌏 Remote (CET +/-4h)

$40k-$70k+ & meaningful equity

💥About us

We’re a young and ambitious company, born and distributed across Europe: today we have members in Italy, France and the UK. 

We value people that take ownership, have a bias for action and are good communicators, providing and receiving feedback to improve how we work. Even if we’re a remote first company we enjoy spending time together and we meet once a quarter in different locations.

We’re building a smart co-pilot for sales teams and sit at the intersection of data science and sales. We provide the tools to track, monitor and fix sales execution through a system of rules and alerts. This saves time for both sales ops and sales, while increasing their performance in a market worth many $B.

👷 The role

As a Software Engineer, you’ll be in charge of building a world class product, in collaboration with the entire team, from product to design to sales. 


People who work with you define you as a curious person that wants to understand the root of a problem, frame it analytically and then build efficient and elegant solutions to tackle it. They also enjoy to drink a beer (or three) with you after work 🍻.


At superlayer you will:


  • Write clean, high quality code on the front and back-end of our product. 
  • Play an active role in the architecture, engineering and deployment of solutions that fulfil product requirements. 
  • Collaborate with the entire team to make sure we are building what our users need.

🛠 The stack

We want to stay flexible and quickly adapt to changes in the market, hence we include technologies that just make sense. You will be able (and encouraged!) to actively contribute to such choices.


Our core is in Go with parts of Python for some data integration tasks. Business logic data resides in PostgreSQL while sourced data sits between PostgreSQL and RedShift. The infrastructure sits in AWS and we use source control, CI and CD. On the web side of things, we really like HTML and use HTMX to bring it to modern times.


We do not expect you to have professional experience in Go but to have the willingness and  interest in learning it and using it daily.

If all of this sounds like the place where you want to be, shoot an email at , we’d love to chat! 

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